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9 Simple Lunch Meal Prep Ideas – CookBlogShare Week #11

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These simple lunch meal prep ideas will help you get organized for the week if you are headed back to work or to help you save time if you’re at home. By taking advantage of free time on the weekends and one evening or morning mid-week, you can help yourself eat more homemade meals.

Then, you will save a lot of money on eating out or take-out. And, you can make the ingredients as healthy as you want!

I like using glass containers that can be used in the freezer, refrigerator, microwave, or even the oven (check the maximum temperature for the brand you use). The only drawback is they are heavier than plastic containers: and breakable too.

Try these lunch meal prep ideas for fantastic packed lunches!

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Vegetarian Lunch Meal Prep Ideas

Try Choclette’s Ukrainian Dumpling Soup for a light version of a comforting soup, using high protein tempeh instead of meat (the dumpling dough contains eggs)! Tempeh is made from fermented soybeans and/or grains and is a high-protein option.

Ukrainian Dumpling Soup: A Veggie Version
A tasty, hearty and simple vegetarian soup that’s easy-to-make and healthy too. This recipe for Ukrainian dumpling soup is a vegetarian version of a chicken dumpling soup classic. Tempeh and miso replace the chicken meat and broth and the rest is just as it should be.
Ukrainian Dumpling Soup
Ukrainian Dumpling Soup: A Veggie Version

Nancy’s Air fryer salt and pepper tofu packs a flavor punch (note that salt and pepper tofu is high in sodium: the salt can be decreased). Vegan recipe.

Air Fryer Salt and Pepper Tofu
Crispy Air Fryer Salt and Pepper Tofu is a high protein, low-calorie vegan snack. Classic Chinese-Cantonese appetizer easy gluten-free
Air Fryer Salt and Pepper Tofu
Air Fryer Salt and Pepper Tofu

A burger is easy to pack for lunch. I pack the bun and topping separately and then just microwave the veggie burger. Kate’s gluten-free veggie burger is sure to be a favorite (contains cheese and eggs).

Best Veggie Burger Recipe: Gluten-free, no soy
Best Veggie Burger Recipe – Gluten Free. Soy Free.
Best Veggie Burger Recipe
Best Veggie Burger Recipe: Gluten-free, no soy

A one-pot meal will be easy to make on a weekend for lunch meal prep. Here is a lemon ricotta pasta from Jo (contains cheese):

One-Pot Lemon Ricotta Pasta
This delicious One-Pot Lemon Ricotta Pasta is a fast and easy mid-week dinner. The creamy ricotta cheese sauce made with lemon and garlic is ready in the time it takes to cook the pasta so it can be on the table in under 20 minutes!
One-Pot Lemon Ricotta Pasta
One-Pot Lemon Ricotta Pasta

Here are some of my favorite recipes for health lunch meal prep:

These recipes are all vegan:

This chili can be made in an Instant Pot or slow cooker. pair with rice, whole grain spaghetti, quinoa, or a baked potato.

Easy Spicy Lentil Chili – Instant Pot Recipe
This lentil chili Instant Pot recipe is easy to make and packed with flavor. It's hearty and filling with fiber from lentils, pinto beans, and veggies. Make it for a quick family lunch or dinner.
Easy Spicy Lentil Chili
Instant Pot next to spicy lentil chili in glass mug with spoon

Arroz Colorido – Colorful Mexican Rice, is a recipe I created to be flexible with adding in different proteins for meal prep.

vegan stuffed shells with kale and sun-dried tomatoes

Vegan Stuffed Shells with Kale and Sun-dried Tomatoes are a delicious Italian-style meal. Silken tofu and vegan mozzarella cheese are used in place of dairy cheeses. A batch of these freezes well, too.

This nutritious soup goes well with a salad, fresh bread, and fruit:

15-Bean Vegetable Soup
Flavorful and filling – try this spicy soup to warm up on a cold day! Enjoy the textures of barley, veggies, and beans in this comforting bowl. Lots of fiber, protein, and complex carbohydrates from beans and vegetables, with little fat.
15-Bean Vegetable Soup
white bowl of 15 bean vegetable soup with spoon and thyme sprig

Lentil pasta is very easy to make: pair it with sauteed tempeh, spinach, or other vegetables for a filling Italian meal:

Lentil Pasta with Tempeh and Spinach
Easy and healthy pasta meal with tasty tempeh and garlic. Quick for a weeknight and high in protein and fiber. Vegan and gluten-free.
Lentil Pasta with Tempeh and Spinach
lentil pasta with tempeh and spinach in bowl with bread.

Here are more Vegetarian Packed Meal Ideas.

And here are tips for keeping your bag lunch safe. For example, include an ice pack in an insulated lunch bag on the way to work, then keep your lunch in the refrigerator there.


Q: What foods keep well for lunch meal prep?

A: Try chili, vegetable stew, and soups: these can even taste better the second day. Prepared salads may last for just about 2 days: I think they hold up well in a salad spinner. Be sure to pack the salad dressing separately.
A grain bowl with a base of quinoa, rice, farro plus legumes, nuts, vegetables, and a sauce also packs well.

Q: Is meal prep good for 5 days?

A: No, Cooked prepared food should be used within 3-days ideally (see this chart for refrigerated food storage from the USDA). Even chopping up fruits and vegetables can lead to loss of nutrients through exposure to air and light. So, what can you prep safety?
Use the freezer: place premade meals there and include a label with the date. Check these tips for safe freezer storage and thawing advice.

Q: What could you prep for breakfast?

Try making burritos with cooked beans, vegetables, salsa, and avocados. Or make vegan pancakes, waffles, or French toast and save extra for the next day or two. Muffins or bread with fruit are a nice light bite. Wash and chop fruit to get it ready for a fresh smoothie in the morning too!

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