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Top 10 Favorite Grocery Outlet Vegan Foods

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Check out these Grocery Outlet vegan finds for healthy and cheap options. You can find a lot of vegan-friendly foods there at budget prices. Look for their “NOSH: Natural, Organic, Specialty, and Healthy” store signage, and then check the labels if you are looking for vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, or to avoid allergens. Now there’s a new Grocery Outlet in my town so I’ll be there more often.

Grocery Outlets always have certain foods, and then they purchase overstock items, so the exact foods in a store may change. There is not a huge variety for each type of food, but you may find the prices are a lot lower than at typical supermarkets. Here are some of my favorites:

Top 10 Favorite Grocery Outlet Vegan Foods

  1. Frozen vegan meals – There are a LOT of choices here: from Korean to Indian, burritos, and veggie burgers. You can find familiar brands like Boca and Sweet Earth, plus new ones to try. This is definitely a strength for this store. There were four freezer cases of them!
boxes of frozen meals including curry and samosas.

2. Plant-based dairy alternatives – they have national brands of soy, oat, almond, and coconut milk (although the inventory may change). It’s a really nice selection and the price is a dollar or two less than at supermarkets.

case of a variety of plant-based milks

3. Tofu – Look for silken and firm tofu with excellent prices.

silken tofu boxes on store shelf.

4. Frozen fruit – Look for excellent deals on convenient bagged fruit like berries and mixtures that would work well for smoothies and baked desserts.

5. Fresh vegetables – bagged salad, carrots, potatoes, onions, winter squash, and mushrooms all looked good. The produce section is OK as far as freshness, but the variety is a bit limited. There are some organic fresh foods.

case with oatmilk creamer, almond creamer, and nondairy creamer.

Grocery Outlet has a small produce section with some organic options. There are a lot of bagged salad options and they seem to have more vegetables than fruits.

6. Frozen vegetables – there are great prices on these staples, and I am excited to try a corn, bean, and pepper combo. Organic edamame and a riced cauliflower blend are good too.

7. Nuts – A variety of nuts like almonds, walnuts, pecans, and cashews plus nut mixes are in a central area, plus more are in the baking aisle. Great for snacking and baking.

8. Dairy-free coffee creamers – there are just a couple of brands but the prices are great!

case with oatmilk creamer, almond creamer, and nondairy creamer.

9. Cereal – the prices for cold and hot cereal, are low and I was happy to find several options of Kashi for just $2.99 and cinnamon Puffins for $1.99.

10. Vegan protein powder – look for low prices on large containers with flavors like caramel and mint chocolate chip.

What Else Can You Find at Grocery Outlets?

There are many other good options to check out: I was impressed with the deals on natural beauty products. Check out their herbal teas. They also have a few varieties of vegan cheese and deli “meats”. Pasta sauces and condiments look good too. And check out their pet foods, treats, and supplies.

Grocery Outlet FAQs

Q: Where are Grocery Outlets located?

A: California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland for now. They have over 400 stores and are growing. Here is the Grocery Outlet store locator site.

Q: Do they have gluten-free foods?

A: Yes. Look for rice, beans, bread, crackers, cookies, waffles, and pizza.

Q: Are the foods past the expiration dates?

A: I have not seen this, however, check the expiration dates carefully. Some tend to come up fast.

Grocery Outlet Sales

As you can see from some of these price tags, you will find a lot of excellent bargains at Grocery Outlet. Also, when you enter your email to join their mailing list at, you will receive a $3 coupon off your next order of $25 or more (check the expiration date). Check their emails for other store coupons and special sale items called”WOW” deals. Keep an eye on store shelves for any clearance items. Grocery Outlet doesn’t accept manufacturer’s coupons.

Grocery Outlet Delivery

According to their website, most Grocery Outlet stores offer delivery through Instacart.


According to this article from Grocery Outlet sells a variety of regional wines with terrific discounts (just unfortunately not in Pennsylvania). They offer occasional wine tastings too!


I recommend trying Grocery Outlet’s vegan and plant-based foods. They may not have everything you need in your order, but it’s a fun spot for bargain shoppers. I recommend the Grocery Outlet for people starting on their plant-based journey and looking for plant-based meat substitutes, those with large families looking to save money, and people looking to try something new.

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Please let me know which Grocery Outlet vegan foods are your favorite:

Originally published: 6/4/23. Updated: 3/2/24

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